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Index D-E

An index to names and events referred to on this site (excluding Stats & Lists). To return to this page after visiting another via the links below, use your browser's back arrow. Italicised text indicates that the destination is an image or a page that includes an image.

Dabbs, CharlesBhatia, R., biography; 1965 National London-Brighton Relay.

da Costa, S.1923-24 Winter season group photo.

David, Richard: 1996 Sprint Relay

Davies, Geoffrey: Laws, W.R., biography.

Davies, John: 1956 Whitsun British Games 800 metres; 1957 The "Billy Morton" Mile; 1961 On London to Brighton Relay duty; Biography; 

Bhatia, R., biography.

Davies, John (Wales): 1977 Great Britain v Sweden.

Davies (née Evans), Pam: Davies, J.E., biography.

Davies, Steve: 2009 National 6 Stage Road Relay.

Davis: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Day, Murray: 1985 RWA 35km.

Death, -: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

DeBondi, Dave1971 Club Photograph.

Dee, Billy (Luton United AC): 1984 A.A.A. Indoor 3,000m.

Delaney, Ron (Ireland): Davies, J.E., biography; 1957 The "Billy Morton" Mile.

Dent, Marty: 2003 Belgrave & SEAA 10,000m winner.

Dewberry, Norman1934 Trophies won during the year; 1971 Club Photograph.

Dewdeney, -.: 1914 Blackstaffe Shield.

Dickson, Marlon: 1996 Sprint Relay.

Dixon, J.E.: 1897 removed from list of Vice-Presidents.

Dodkin, W.G.: Khlopin, P.N., biography.

Dollery, F.I.: trainer, 2 pennies for a massage.

Donovan, Edmund: 1914 Blackstaffe Shield.

Doolan, -1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's.

Dooley, Joseph: Laws, W.R., biography.

Doubleday, Gordon1948 Boxing Day H'caps Meeting; 1971 Club Photograph.

Draper, Mark (Windsor SE&H): 2004 National CC Relay.

Duffett, Ernest1934 Trophies won during the year;  1948 Boxing Day H'caps Meeting; Biography; Botwright, S.C., biography. 

Duncan, Ian1978 Club Champs. '5¾'.

Duncan, Pat1971 Club Photograph.

Dunckley, George RobertBiography; Club Champs 100 yards.

Dunsford, John1971 Club Photograph1985 RWA 35km.

Easton, G.F.1925 Southern Cross-Country, Beaconsfield.

Eaton, T.: 1923-24 Winter season group photo; 1934 Trophies won during the year.

Ebbs, H.: 1923-24 Winter season group photo.

Edwards, Alfred H.N.: 1887, attending The Oval; founding the club; Belgrave's first race; "Morning Post" report; the driving force;

By no means a bashful young man; enthusiasm of Edwards; Music Hall.

Edwards, F.: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Edwards, W.,: South of the Thames.

Eglington, Bernard1957 RWA 50Km;  1971 Club Photograph.

Eldon, Stan (Windsor & Eton AC): 1964 South of Thames Champs.

Eldridge, Peter: 1962 Invitation 200 metres win.

Ellacott, Tom: 2004 Surrey CC Lg.

Elliott, Charles (Polytechnic H): Shippen, C., biography.

Elson, F.H.: Khlopin, P.N., biography.

Elson, R.F.: Khlopin, P.N., biography.

Emanuel School: Laws, W.R., biography.

England, Amy: 2005 UKWAL team photo.

Euridge, Katryna: 2005 UKWAL team photo.

Evans, Henry C. "Harry"1908 Club Group; 1922 Club Group at Price’s; 1923-24 Winter season group photo

1925 Club Champs 2 miles Walk; Biography; Green, T.W., biography; Horwood, O., biography.

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