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An index to names and events referred to on this site (excluding Stats & Lists). To return to this page after visiting another via the links below, use your browser's back arrow. Italicised text indicates that the destination is an image or a page that includes an image.

Tadesse, Kassa: 2004 AAA 10k Road Champs; 2004 Victory ‘5’.

Tagg, Mike (Norfolk Gazelles): 1964 Junior 2 miles at Wembley.

Tame, -Duffett, A.E., biography.

Tanner, Richard: 1985 RWA 35km.

Taylor, Alfred E.: 1934 Trophies won during the year; Parker, J. "Pat", biography.

Taylor, J.1908 Club Group.

Taylor, R.T. "Bob": Davies, J.E., biography; 1953 Heathfield Trophy 880 yds; 1971 Club Photograph.

Thames Hare & Hounds: 1887 Belgrave H first race; 1889 elite London clubs.

Thames Valley H: 1914 CC match.

Thatcher, G.: founding the club.

Theys, Lucien (Belgium): 1950 A.A.A. 3 miles Championship.

Thomas, R.B.: 1948 Boxing Day H'caps Meeting. 

Thompson, Don (Met. WC): 1957 London-Brighton Walk.

Thompson, F.G.: Dunckley, G.R., biography.

Thompson, Ian (Luton United AC): Davies, J.E., biography.

Thompson, Mark: 2004 AAA 10k Road Champs.

Thorn, F.W.Khlopin, P.N., biography.

Thresher, JohnShippen, C., biography1964 N. Surrey CC Lg; 1971 Club Photograph.

Titherley, H.: Stroud, F., biography.

Tobin, Richard: 1951 Belgrave 3 miles Champs.

Tooby, Ray: 1951 Belgrave 3 miles Champs.

Tosh, James E.: 1930 Inter-Counties Champion;  Horwood, O., biography; Stroud, F., biography.

Tottenham Hotspur F.C.Davies, J.E., biography.

Trussel, -1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Tulloh, Bruce (Portsmouth AC): Bhatia, R., biography.

Tyrer, George: 1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's; 1923-24 Winter season group photo; forming a Junior Section; 1914 Blackstaffe Shield​.

Vickers, Stanley F.: Two of Belgrave's Finest; 1957 Inter-County 7 miles Walk; 1957 Stan Vickers does the double. 

Vivian, James: 1965 AAA Sprint Relay Winners;  1970 Surrey 100m final.

Waern, Dan (Sweden): Davies, J.E., biography.

Walker, Charlie: 1971 Club Photograph; 1978 Club Champs. '5¾'.

Walker, F.: 1934 Trophies won during the year.

Walker, J.: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Wallenstein, -: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Waller, Mark: 1979 Surrey Youths Road Relay.

Warboys, S.: 1934 Trophies won during the year.

Warburton, Paul: 1985 RWA 35km.

Ward, A.: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Ward, Richard: 2004 National Road Relay; 2005 National Road Relay winners; 2014 Wardy's Haul.

Ward, W.1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Watson, Tim: 2004 National Road Relay; 2004 Victory ‘5’2005 National Road Relay winners.

Watts, -: 1888 The Oval.

Weatherill, L.H. (South London H): Duffett, A.E., biography.

Webb, Frank: 1934 Trophies won during the year; 1971 Club Photograph.

Webb, G.: 1922 Club Group at Price’s.

Webb, W. "Bill":  1934 Trophies won during the year; Botwright, S.C., biography1971 Club Photograph.

Weller, W. "Bill"1978 Club Champs. '5¾'.

Weller, W.R.: founding the clubBelgrave's first race.

Wellstead, Sarah: 2005 UKWAL team photo.

Wesch, Wilf: 1971 Club Photograph.

West, A.: 1914 Blackstaffe Shield.

Westminster Harriers: 1910 Belgrave members leave to join; disbanding; Horwood, O., biography.

White, F.H.C.: 1936 Club Champs.

White, J.: 1914 Blackstaffe Shield.

White, Stephen: 1970 Surrey 100m final; 1970 Club Champs 100m.

Whitehead, Arthur: 1951 London to Brighton Run.

Wicks, Phil2005 National Road Relay winners; 2008 IAAF World Cross2011 ERRA 10 km Champs; 2013 Surrey CC Champs (1);

2013 Surrey CC Champs (2)

Williams, George: 1964 London to Brighton Walk.

Williamson, Martin: 1948 Boxing Day H'caps Meeting.

Willis, H.E.: 1923-24 Winter season group photo.

Wilson, Joe: 1971 Club Photograph.

Wilson, Percy: 1948 Boxing Day H'caps Meeting; 1971 Club Photograph.

Wimbledon Common: 1887 Belgrave H first race.

Wimbledon F.C.: Davies, J.E., biography.

Wolf: Joachim: 2004 Surrey CC Lg.

Wood, -: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Woodley, T: boxing instructor.

Wooderson, Sydney C. (Blackheath H.): Botwright, S.C., biography; Blowfield, V.S. biography; Lucas, W.E. reminiscences.

World Assoc. of Veteran Athletics News: Shippen, C., biography.

Wrench, Peter: 1965 Club 10m CC Champs.

Wright, Harry: 1908 Club Group;​ 1914 Blackstaffe Shield.

Wright, Jean Paul: 1988 Surrey CC Lg.

Wright, Percy: 1971 Club Photograph.

Wyatt - (of Price's): 1922 Club Group at Price’s.

Yescombe, Cyril1955 Outer Circle 25m; 1957 RWA 50Km; 1964 London to Brighton Walk. 

Young, Roy (Hornchurch): 1964 Junior 2 miles at Wembley.

Zátopek, E1948 Olympic 5,000m; Lucas, W.E., biography; Lucas, W.E., reminiscences.

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