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Index S

An index to names and events referred to on this site (excluding Stats & Lists). To return to this page after visiting another via the links below, use your browser's back arrow. Italicised text indicates that the destination is an image or a page that includes an image.


Samuels, Joan: 1976 a fledgling Women’s Section.

Satchell, Howard: 1965 Junior 5m CC Champs.

Satchell, John F.1922 Club Group at Price’s; 1923-24 Winter season group photo.

Savage, R.J.: 1925 Southern Cross-Country, Beaconsfield; 1934 Trophies won during the year; 1935 Southern Junior Cross-Country; 

Horwood, O., biography

Savage, W.: 1923-24 Winter season group photo.

Scrimshaw, Thomas H.: 1930 Inter-Counties Champs;  Stroud, F. biography.

Searle, John: 1979 Surrey Youths Road Relay. 

Severn, Ronald: Laws, W.R., biography.

Sexton, Alan: 1948 Boxing Day H'caps Meeting. 

Sexton, H.J.: 1914 CC match; 1914 newspaper report; 1914 Blackstaffe Shield.

Sharman, William: BAL Match 3 110mH.

Sharp, Stephen: 2002 Golden Years;  2003 National CC Relay winners; 2004 National Road Relay; 2004 Surrey CC Lg; 2004 National CC Relay; 

2004 Victory ‘5’; 2005 National Road Relay winners; 2007 AAA 10k; 2009 National 6 Stage Road Relay.

Shaw, A.R.: 1934 Trophies won during the year.

Shepherd, Dave W. Martin: 1935 Southern Junior Cross-Country; 1971 Club Photograph.

Shepherd Winifred: 1976 a fledgling Women’s Section.

Sherrington, Sam: c1900 The Captain takes his mark; 1903-04 Team medals; 1906 Cross-Country on Barnes Common.

Shields, Harry: 1934 Trophies won during the year​; 1946 Acc & Tab 2 miles; 1971 Club Photograph.

Shippen, Clive: BiographyLaws, W.R., biography; 1960 Sward Trophy Steeplechase; 1971 Club Photograph.

Sinclair, Mark: 1979 Surrey Youths Road Relay; 1984 South of the Thames 'Junior' win; 1988 Surrey CC Lg.

Smart, J.C. "Charlie": Parker, J. "Pat", biography; Lucas, W.E., biography.

Smith, -: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Smith, A.E.: 1923-24 Winter season group photo; 1925 Southern Cross-Country, Beaconsfield.

Smith, H.J.: 1903-04 Team medals.

Smith, L.C.: 1922 Club Group at Price’s.
South London H: 1887 Annual Athletics & Cycle Meeting; 1889 elite London clubs.

Southern Counties: 1889 the first "Junior" race.

Speaight, Neil: 2008 Golden Years.

Spear, S: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Speechley, Charles: Khlopin, P.N. biography; 1971 Club Photograph.

Spencer, -: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Spencer Arms, The, Lower Richmond RoadHorwood, O., biography; notice to quit.

St Peter's School, Lower Belgrave Road: Davies, J.E., biography.

Staines, Gary: 1984 Indoor AAA 3,000m Champs; 1986 BAL 800m; 1987 solo 3:59.0 in 25 x 1 mile Relay; 1988 Surrey CC Lg.

Stairs, Norman: 1965 Club 10m CC Champs.

Stamford Bridge: 1903 Summer competition; Horwood, O., biography; still used for competition 1913-1914.

Stampfl, Franz: Botwright, S.C., biography; Davies, J.E., biography.

Stares, Hannah: 2005 UKWAL team photo.

Stearman, Mike: 1951 Belgrave 3 miles Champs.

Steer, Chris: 1964 South of Thames Champs.; 1965 Club 10m CC Champs; 1971 Club Photograph.

Still, George1925 Southern Cross-Country, Beaconsfield.

Stimpson, Edmund "Ted"1935 Southern Junior Cross-Country;  Botwright, S.C., biography; 1946 Acc & Tab 2 miles;

1951 Belgrave 3 miles Champs; 1971 Club Photograph.

Stimpson, Ken1951 Belgrave 3 miles Champs; 1971 Club Photograph.

Stirling-Wakeley, Jack: 1951 London-Brighton & Back.

Stokell, Charles Leslie "Les"Biography; 1951 Belgrave 3 miles Champs.

Stone, Frederick M.: Evans, H., biography; Horwood, O., biography.

Storey, L.Khlopin, P.N., biography.

Stow, John1970 Surrey CC; 1971 Surrey Junior 1500m; 1971 Club Photograph; 1978 Club Champs. '5¾'.

Stroud, Frank: Biography; 1935 Belgrave 100 yds Champs.
Sturgess, William John: Biography.

Sullivan, Tom: HQ moved to "Sullivan's", licensee of "The Spencer Arms"; financing the boxing section; 1914 demise of boxing;

1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's; notice to quit.

Surprise, The, Christchurch Terrace, Chelsea: 1913-1914 new headquarters; dispute over payment.

Surrey County Athletics News (SCAN). Shippen, C., biography.

Szentgáli, Lajos (Hungary): Davies, J.E., biography; 1956 Whitsun British Games 800 metres.

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