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An index to names and events referred to on this site (excluding Stats & Lists). To return to this page after visiting another via the links below, use your browser's back arrow. Italicised text indicates that the destination is an image or a page that includes an image.

Nash, Kevin: 2004 National Road Relay; 2004 SEAA 6 Stage Road Relay; 2004 National CC Relay; 2005 National Road Relay winners.

Nestor, Michelle2005 UKWAL team photo; 2009 UKWAL Triple Jump.

Neville, Ernest, H. Green, T.W. biography; 1948 Boxing Day H'caps; 1951 London to Brighton Run; 1971 Club Photograph.

Newell, Pat: Bhatia, R., biography; Davies, J.E., biography; Shippen, C., biography.

Newnham, John: 1985 RWA 35km.

Newson, Robert: 1957 London-Brighton Walk; 1957 RWA 50Km.

Norman, Dave (Altrincham & Dist. AC): 2004 National CC Relay.

North, David: 1979 Surrey Youths Road Relay; 1984 South of the Thames 'Junior' win.

North, Geoff A.1962 Inter-Counties CC; 1964 N. Surrey CC Lg; 1971 Club Photograph.

North, Gerald A.1962 Inter-Counties CC; 4th in 1964 International CC; Laws, W.R., biography; 1971 Club Photograph; Gorman, Brian, biography.

O'Connor, Pat1978 Club Champs. '5¾'.

O'Hara, Laurie: Laws, W.R., biography; Shippen, C., biography1978 Club Champs. '5¾'.

O'Kell, Ken1925 Southern Cross-Country, Beaconsfield; 1925 Club Championship 1 mile

Odell, Maurice E.: 1922 Club Group at Price’s.

Offen, Dan: 1914 Blackstaffe Shield.

Ogilvy, -: 1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's.

Olney, Alec (Thames Valley H): 1950 A.A.A. 3 miles Championship.

Oscar Horwood Cup”: Horwood, O., biography.

Ovett, Steve: Gorman, Brian, biography.

Ovington, Neil (Thames Valley H): 1986 BAL 800m.

Owor, Paskar2004 Victory ‘5’;  2011 ERRA 10 km Champs; 2013 Surrey CC Champs (1); 2013 Surrey CC Champs;  2013 Surrey CC winner;

Pack, Eddie: Botwright, S.C., biography; 1938 trophy presentation; SCAAA 440 yards Champion.

Padget, Fred: 1971 Club Photograph.

Pallant, Edward "Ted": Laws, W.R. biography; 1965 Club 10m CC Champs.

Parker, H: 1912 from Chelsea Harriers; 1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's; 1913 South of Thames; 1913-1914 South of Thames bronze medallist;

1914 Blackstaffe Shield; 1923-24 Winter season group photo; Horwood, O., biography.

Parker, J. "Jack" or "Pat": 1937 Au Cross du Metro; Biography.

Parrott, Susan: Laws, W.R., biography.

Patience, A.: 1934 Trophies won during the year.

Patience, D.: 1934 Trophies won during the year.

Patience, R.: 1934 Trophies won during the year.

Paton, Stuart: 1986 BAL 800m.

Pearson, Colin: Laws, W.R., biography;  1971 Club Photograph; 1978 Club Champs. '5¾'.

Pearson, Geoff: 1971 Club Photograph.

Penny, Arthur W.: 1934 Trophies won during the year; 1971 Club Photograph; Footer, H.E., biography; Parker, J. "Pat", biography; 

Botwright, S.C., biography; Blowfield, V.S., biography.

Penny, Cecil: 1934 Trophies won during the year.

Penny, Eric: 1965 Club 10m CC Champs.

Penstone, Arthur1951 London to Brighton Run; 1971 Club Photograph.

Pethick, Nick (proprietor of "The Kings Arms"): founding the club; 1888 changing accommodation; 1897 removed from list of Vice-Presidents.

Pepper, G.F.1903-04 Team medals; 1923-24 Winter season group photo; 1925 Club Championship 1 mile. 

Phillips, Adrian: 2005 BAL Match 3 LJ.

Piddington, George: 1971 Club Photograph.

Pirie, Gordon (South London H.): Bhatia, R., biography; Davies, J.E., biography; 1952 City Charities 1 mile; 1957 The "Billy Morton" Mile.

Potter, Mike (Polytechnic H): 1960 Kinnaird Trophy.

Powell, G.H.: 1923-24 Winter season group photo.

Powell, Rosie: 2005 UKWAL team photo.

Presland, L. (Surrey AC): 1964 N. Surrey CC Lg.

Pritchard, J.: 1923-24 Winter season group photo.

Pritchard, Jane: 1976 a fledgling Women’s Section.

Pritchard, W.D.1922 Club Group at Price’s; 1923-24 Winter season group photo; 1925 Club Championship 1 mile.

Pyer, A.D. "Micky": Footer, H.E. biography; Duffett, A.E., biography; 1922 Club Group at Price’s; 1925 Club Championship 1 mile.

Raidi, Hassan: 2003 Belgrave 10,000m; 2006 Bristol Half-Marathon.

Ranelagh H: 1887 Belgrave H first race1889 elite London clubs.

Rathbone, J.: Khlopin, P.N. biography.

Rawlinson, Chris: 1997 BAL 4 x 400m.

Raynes Park: venue of races in 1914.

Raynes Park Hotel, Thewinter quarters 1913-1914.

Read, J.E.: Stroud, F., biography.

Read, S.E.: c1932 sprint relay team.

Redgrave, A.J.1913-1914 prolific winner.

Red Lion, The, Barnes: 1903-04 winter HQ.

Rees, G.J.1925 Club Championship 1 mile.

Reiff, GastonLucas, W.E., reminiscences.

Reindeer H: "Junior" clubs.

Reynolds, -: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Rice, W.A.: 1934 Trophies won during the year; Footer, H.E., biography.

Richardson, -: 1888 The Oval.

Richardson, Wendy: 1976 a fledgling Women’s Section.

Rickards, Frederick: 1914 Amateur Athletic Champs.

Ricketts, R.W. "Bob": 1900 Portrait; Biography; 1908 Club Group1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's; organised boxing section, formed Junior Section;

1914 Blackstaffe Shield; 1914 2 miles walk winner; 1914 Christmas card; Horwood, O., biography.

Ring, S.T.Khlopin, P.N. biography; 1934 Trophies won during the year.

Robertshaw, A.: 1934 Trophies won during the year.

Robinson, Claire: 2005 UKWAL team photo.

Robinson, G.S.: 1948 Boxing Day H'caps Meeting. 

Robinson, Malcolm: Bhatia, R., biography.

Robson, Bobby (Fulham F.C.): Davies, J.E. biography. 

Rogers, C.H.Horwood, O., biography.

Rolfe, E.: 1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's; 1914 newspaper report.​

Rollins, R.: 1934 Trophies won during the year.

Rowe, Tommy (Herne Hill H): 1946 Acc & Tab 2 miles.

Rust, A.A.: 1923-24 Winter season group photo.

Rust, C.W.: 1923-24 Winter season group photo.

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