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Index A-C

An index to names and events referred to on this site (excluding Stats & Lists). To return to this page after visiting another, via the links below, use your browser's back arrow. Italicised text indicates that the destination is an image or a page that includes an image of the subject.

Adams, Len: 1951 Belgrave 3 miles Champs.

Albrow (née Favell), Jodie: 2009 UKWAL 400mH.

Aldershot F&D AC: 2004 National Road Relay.

Allum, Arthur1934 Trophies won during the year; 1937 finish of London to Brighton Relay.

Alsop, Roger: 2004 Surrey CC Lg.

Anderson, David: 2002 Golden Years; 2003 National CC Relay winners; 2004 AAA 10k Road Champs; 2004 Surrey CC Lg; 

2005 National Road Relay winners.

Anderson, Don: 2005 UKWAL team photo.

Ansell, Dave: 1971 Club Photograph.

Applegarth, Willie (Polytechnic H): 1912 at Stamford Bridge; 1912 at The Oval.

Apted: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Arnold, Clem C.: 1914 becomes Joint Hon. Sec.

Ashe, Richard: 2004 Surrey CC Lg.

Ashford, Bill1971 Club Photograph.

Ayres: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Baker, John VictorBiography; 1971 Club Photograph.

Baldwin, John (Blackheath H): 1960 Sward Trophy.

Banner, P.T.J. (Thames H&H): 1964 South of Thames Champs.

Barden, Spencer2003 National CC Relay winners; 2004 National Road Relay; 2005 National Road Relay winners.

Barker1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Barnes, Bob1971 Club Photograph.

Barrett, Stuart1971 Club Photograph. 

Barrington, C.: 1922 Club Group at Price’s.

Basford, George: Stroud, F., biography.

Battersea Harriers: the formation of.

Battersea Park: 1890 possible club house; 1913-1914 cricket ground used for track races.

Bayliss, W.L.1923-24 winter season group photo; 1934 Trophies won during the year.

Beecham, George1955 Outer Circle 25m; 1957 London-Brighton Walk; 1957 RWA 50Km; 1964 London to Brighton Walk.

Beeden, C.: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Belchamber, J.B. "Jimmy"a new member1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's; 1914 newspaper report; 1914 Blackstaffe Shield; 

1923-24 winter season group photo; 1934 Trophies won during the year; Evans, H., biography; Horwood, O., biography.

Belgrave Centenary: Shippen, C., biography.

Belgravian, TheShippen, C., biography.

Bennett-Jackson, Wade: 2007 BAL relay takeover.

Besford, G.: c1932 sprint relay team.

Best, Martin1978 Club Champs. '5¾'.

Best, R.W.1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's; 1913 South of Thames medals; Horwood, O., biography.

Bhatia, Ranjit: Biography​; Davies, J.E., biography.

Bicourt, John1964 Junior 2 miles at Wembley; 1965 Junior 5m CC Champs; 1971 Club Photograph; 1977 Great Britain v Sweden.

Bidgood, Jack: Khlopin, P.N., biography.

Binda, Tony1971 Club Photograph.

Bird, Arthur Albert "Alby": 1936 Club Champs; Botwright, S.C., biography.

Biscoe, Gordon1971 Club Photograph.

Bishop, H. Alan: 1951 Belgrave 3 miles Champs; 1965 Club 10m CC Champs.

Bishop, Eric1948 Boxing Day H'caps Meeting. 

Bizio, Marcello: 1988 Surrey CC Lg.

Black, AlanBhatia, R., biography1965 National London-Brighton Relay; 1971 Club Photograph; 1973 steeplechasing at Wimbledon Park.

Blackheath H: 1889 elite London clubs.

Blackledge, Jonathan: 2004 National Road Relay; 2004 National CC Relay; 2005 National Road Relay winners; 2007 AAA 10k.

Blackstaffe, Henry Thomas "Harry": Biography; boxing section.

Blow, C.1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's.

Blowfield, Vernon S. "Vic"Biography; Lucas, W.E., biography; 1950 A.A.A. 3 miles Championship.

Blunden, A.S. "Stan": Botwright, S.C., biography.

Boileau Arms, The: Saturday afternoon HQ 1913-1914.

Bolam, Dr. R.F.: 1951 Belgrave 3 miles Champs.

Bone, B.L.1935 Belgrave 100 yds Champs.

Bonsor, Don1971 Club Photograph.

Bool, A.G.: Boxing Captain; 1900 group photo.

Bool, Frank: Hon. Secretary; 1900 group photo.

Botwright, Stanley C.Biography1940 rep. A.A.A. 100 yards; 1940 rep. A.A.A. 220 yds.

Bousefield, Alan: 1965 Junior 5m CC Champs.

Bowering: 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Boxing Day Handicap: 1887 on the Embankment1948 Boxing Day H'caps Meeting.

Boyd, Ian (Herne Hill H): Davies, J.E., biography.

Boysen, Auden (Norway): Davies, J.E., biography.

Brasher, Chris (Thames H&H): Shippen, C., biography.

Brickwood, Denis1937 finish of London to Brighton Relay.

Bridges, Bob: 2005 UKWAL team photo.

Briggs, John1948 Boxing Day H'caps Meeting.

Brodie, C.L.1935 Belgrave 100 yds Champs.

Bromley, John: 1951 Belgrave 3 miles Champs; 1965 Club 10m CC Champs.

Brown, H.: 1912 from Chelsea Harriers; 1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's; 1914 Blackstaffe Shield

Brown, Jack1952 City Charities 1 mile; 1953 Southern London to Brighton Relay; Davies, J.E. biography.

Browne, Peter (Thames Valley H): 1986 BAL 800m.

Bruce, Arthur1951 Belgrave 3 miles Champs; Gorman, Brian, biography.

Bruce, Harry W.1926 London-Brighton Relay line-up; 1926 London-Brighton Relay start.

Bryant, A.1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's.

Bryson, Catherine: 2006 Golden Jubilee Cup.

Buckingham, F.L.1925 Club Championship 1 mile.

Burchall, E.: 1922 Club Group at Price’s.

Burfitt, Derek: Lucas, W.E., biography.

Bush, Lou1948 Boxing Day H'caps Meeting.

Butcher, Victor: Laws, W.R., biography.

Byansi, Malachi: 2006 Bristol Half-Marathon; 2007 Bath Half-Marathon.

Callow, Allan1971 Club Photograph.

Campbell, David (Canada): 1986 Commonwealth Games 1,500m.

Carne, J.B.1923-24 Winter season group photo.

Carne, T.W.1923-24 Winter season group photo.

Carroll, J.J.1912 from Irish Guards;1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's.

Carter, C.T. "Tom": 1932 London-Brighton Relay; 1934 Trophies won during the year;  1937 Au Cross du Metro; c1938 AAA Champs; 

1940 anchoring the road relay team; 1951 Belgrave 3 miles Champs; 1971 Club Photograph; Footer, Bert, biography; Parker, J., biography; Blowfield, V.S., biography; Lucas, W.E., biography; Stokell, C.L., biography; Davies, J.E., biography.

Carter, H.G.: founding the club; Belgrave's first race; 1887 "Sporting Life" report.

Carton, Peter1970 Surrey CC; 1971 Surrey Junior 800m; 1971 Club Photograph.

Catten, J.N.: 1922 Club Group at Price’s.

Cauzer, Lew1908 Club Group; 1913 Club 7 group at Tom Sullivan's; 1914 Blackstaffe Shield.

Chantler, George1935 Southern Junior Cross-Country. 

Chaston, Justin: 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Chattaway, Chris (Thames H&H)Davies, J.E., biography.

Chatting, A.1923-24 Winter season group photo.

Checkley, George: 1955 Outer Circle 25m; 1957 London-Brighton Walk; 1957 RWA 50Km.

Chelsea Harriers: 1888-1890 assisted by A.H.N. Edwards; 1912 influx of members from; Horwood, O., biography.

Christmas card, 1914: Ricketts, R.W. biography; organised at December 1914 Committee.

Churcher, Harry1948 Boxing Day H'caps Meeting.

Clark, -.: 1914 Blackstaffe Shield.

Clark, Roy: 1965 Junior 5m CC Champs.

Clarke, G.W.: 1914 2 miles walk winner

Clarke, Peter (Hercules Wimbledon AC): 1988 Surrey CC Lg.

Clarke, Vicky: 2005 London Marathon.

Club badge: 1887 founding the club.

Club colours: 1887 dark & light blue; dark blue with light blue trim?1903-1904 all white with blue trimmings; claret with gold hoops.

Cockerell, W.V.L. "Will"2003 Belgrave 10,000m; 2004 National Road Relay;  2004 Surrey CC Lg2005 National Road Relay winners.

Cocks, David: 1965 Junior 5m CC Champs.

Cohen, LeslieBotwright, S.C., biography; Lucas, W.E., biography; 1971 Club Photograph.

Coleman, Joe1971 Club Photograph.

Coleman Mike (Medway & Maidstone): 2003 SEAA 10,000m.

Collier, Kim: 2005 UKWAL team photo.

Collier, Louise: 2004 800m at Eton; 2005 UKWAL team photo.

Collier, Paul: 2005 UKWAL team photo.

Conway, Ray: 1965 Club 10m CC Champs.

Cook, Charlie1912 Charlie wins at Stamford Bridge;  1912 Racing at The Oval; 1922 Club Group at Price’s.

Cook, Tom1971 Club Photograph.

Coomber, F.W.: Evans, H.C., biography.

Cooper, Louise: 2005 London Marathon.

Couzens, Tina: 1976 a fledgling Women’s Section.

Couzens, W.J. "Bill"1971 Club Photograph.

Coxhall, E.: 1914 Blackstaffe Shield.

Coxhead, H.J.1925 Southern Cross-Country, Beaconsfield.

Coy, Leo: 1971 Club Photograph; 1978 Club Champs. '5¾'; Laws, W.R., biography.

Cram, Steve (Jarrow & Hepburn AC): 1986 Commonwealth Games 1,500m.

Creighton, J.J.1922 Club Group at Price’s;  1923-24 Winter season group photo.

Crookes, Derek1978 Club Champs. '5¾'.

Crump, Jack (A.A.A., B.A.A.B., etc.): Botwright, S.C. biography; Lucas, W.E., biography; Davies, J.E. biography.

Culley, Jennifer: 2005 UKWAL team photo.

Curtin, William1970 Surrey CC; 1971 Surrey Junior 1500m; 1971 Club Photograph.

Curtis, W.: 1888 The Oval, Belgrave's first winner.

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